Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Money laundering schemes/terrorism and profit, Where has it all gone wrong?

Bank Scandals 

This is just a world wide tip of the iceberg.  Greed one of the seven deadly sins is back on top, polluting our human spirit and mindset.  These people do not care who their actions effect, who they bring down in their contribution to global recession, the manner is wrong, the mentality is wrong, so what do they expect, when consequential shockwaves plummet people’s lives back to the days of dark days and dark times. All of these variants contribute to social degradation created by a banking agenda who could not care less how their actions have effected the innocence of others.  The worse part is in hind-sight they cover their tracks and justifications with “words” that are hollow and meaningless, just part of a PR interplay that has no structural truth or reliant belief.  The more power they have like terrorists and drug cartels, the more they will abuse the system leaving systematic trials of social degradation behind.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Travel Blog; Egypt, St Catherines, The Burning Bush, Mount Sinai, Transfiguration of Christ, God in Northern Egypt, A travel Log to remember

The Byzantine Monastery of St. Catherine’s, chapel of the Burning Bush, is one of the oldest working monasteries in the world since 381, siting at the base of Mount Sinai, also know as the mount of the Transfiguration of Jesus. This Ancient abode encapsulates tales of angelic transportation, extraordinary miracles, direct communication with God, the largest collection of early icons, scared to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and for me being so close to it, in that I mean 130 miles away, what else would you want as a calling card with a chance to visit and in my way pay homage to this monumental space on our planet.
Of course to add to the military borderlines that encapsulate it, it resides just off the northern tip of Egypt, in North Africa, the right hand side of the parting of the Suez canal, a divisional, that still lies in a political and military juxtaposition. Including the parting of the Red sea, some of the greatest miracles of our time were conducted on this land, it is where the tablets of God were presented but they say also where the burning bush resides. Within these acclamations, it holds great relevance to our human philosophical nature of curiosity and religion and one from me that deserved time to further investigation and give it my personal insight. So as  you can see it has many facets, that play a part in deciding how to approach this ancient fabled land. 
It’s not a typical desert landscape not what I was expecting but you do have these preemptive concepts in one's head. No rolling sand-hills leading into majestic mountains, but more one of large boulders, a land strewn with rocks, stones, encapsulating hills and mountain creviced treacherous climbs. Glad that I was not one of Moses followers, with blistered and bloodied feet, suffering a pilgrimage, a long arduous trek akin to that famous St Patrick's day trek I so often had the duty-ship to climb. (Glad to be in an air-conditioned motorized vehicle having an alternative option of how to travel to it).  Nothing grows here, no vegetation, no illusive palm trees, no cacti, no wiry shrubbery, absolutely nothing.  The only reflective echoing thought was a similarity of marks to Mars omitting the red ochre dust, was the sheer heat, the acrid taste of death in the air, with that a hope that our driver came laden with extra water, enough fuel in the tank not to get caught stranded with vultures circling drooling for their next lunch.

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Monday, 28 May 2012

I ultimately EXIST...........

Monday, 19 March 2012

Rebel and be Absolutely Free

Albert Camus one of the greatest thinkers of our time, what would it take for the world to follow an essence of his philosophy and maybe return to the human spiritual endeavour that great thinkers of our existence believed and lived by. 

But I think we will find that portend will be put aside, instead mankind will be ripped and torn from its righteous path driven by Greed, Pride, Gluttony and much we have, how much we need to have, how much will it all cost as the golden idol still shimmers taunting our demise.

So will we have to arrive to a point of such devastation and destruction that we will look back and weep how simple it would have been for us to shine. 

Rebel world, Rebel, be free in your existence and revel in your need for glory so that the Universe containing all earthly spiritual presence that has ever lived and living will graciously smile.