Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Money laundering schemes/terrorism and profit, Where has it all gone wrong?

Bank Scandals 

This is just a world wide tip of the iceberg.  Greed one of the seven deadly sins is back on top, polluting our human spirit and mindset.  These people do not care who their actions effect, who they bring down in their contribution to global recession, the manner is wrong, the mentality is wrong, so what do they expect, when consequential shockwaves plummet people’s lives back to the days of dark days and dark times. All of these variants contribute to social degradation created by a banking agenda who could not care less how their actions have effected the innocence of others.  The worse part is in hind-sight they cover their tracks and justifications with “words” that are hollow and meaningless, just part of a PR interplay that has no structural truth or reliant belief.  The more power they have like terrorists and drug cartels, the more they will abuse the system leaving systematic trials of social degradation behind.