Monday, 21 September 2015

Children's Book - Rosemary's Rainy Day: Volume 1 (Rosemary's Fun Filled Days) Paperback – Large Print by Walker A White

Rosemary's Rainy Day - Children's Book

Hand-painted in watercolours, this illustrated children's story picture book is about a little girl called Rosemary. Rosemary is bored and has no one to play with, she is stuck inside her bedroom on a rainy day. Through her bedroom window she sees lots of fun garden animals who she greets and they become her rainy outdoor friends. Rosemary uses her imagination to explore her interactions with these new animal characters and her surrounding environments. When the rain stops she goes outside to meet them and is surprised at the end of the story on seeing her first amazing colourful rainbow. Each individual illustration is hand-painted in original watercolour. There is a conservationist theme which is explored and illustrated through the use of fun filled animal characters and surrounding environments. This gives energy and vibrancy to the illustrations and the movement of the story, capturing a child's imagination. This story picture book is aimed at 3 to 8 year olds. Younger children can enjoy this book by looking at the pictures and paintings on their own, learning to read it as they get older with their parents, adults, siblings and friends. Until eventually children are old enough to read and explore the book on their own, fully interacting with the story and concept of the book.


Walker A White is an Author, Poet, Writer and 'Man -of-Letters". He refers to himself as a "screamer, dreamer and imaginator of worlds till his lungs and mind fades out into the passages of time."
In essence he loves to create imagery through the visual beauty of words with rich and descriptive language inspiring others to do the same. Walker A White is deeply inspired by wisdom and he has to date written his first collection of personal poetry 'The Blue Powdered Box', he has also written a Novel 'Neglect; in Search of Love' and a Children's book series 'Rosemary's Rainy Day' which was completed in its entirety in conjunction with his wife a Fine Artist who created all the watercolour illustrations.

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