Monday, 21 September 2015

Poetry - The Blue Powdered Box: A Collection of Personal Poems: Volume 1 Paperback by Walker A White

The Blue Powdered Box is a personal collection of poems by Walker A White who explores themes exploring childhood innocence, self refection, war, desolation, isolation, love, the effects of sadness and loss and how widespread our connection is with the world, along with many others. His poetic work has been compared to that of Sylvia Plath, but in his own words
"to Keats, to Auden, to Byron, to Bukowski; i have been deeply moved."

This volume of personal poems has deeply moved me, "caught in the eye, twitching to release"

This poetic collection can be purchased on Amazon, at the following address listed below

Walker A White is an Author, Poet, Writer and 'Man -of-Letters". He refers to himself as a "screamer, dreamer and imaginator of worlds till his lungs and mind fades out into the passages of time." 

In essence he loves to create imagery through the visual beauty of words with rich and descriptive language inspiring others to do the same. Walker A White is deeply inspired by wisdom and he has to date written his first collection of personal poetry 'The Blue Powdered Box', he has also written a Novel 'Neglect; in Search of Love' and a Children's book series 'Rosemary's Rainy Day' which was completed in its entirety in conjunction with his wife a Fine Artist who created all the watercolour illustrations.

This is a collection of poetry well worth exploring.