Friday, 25 January 2013

Flu epidemic USA, $10.4 billion and rising, Death toll well we just don’t know....

Flu epidemic USA, $10.4 billion and rising, Death toll well we just don’t know....

A flu epidemic in the US has caused a major increase seasonally in the death rate of both the young and old. 20 was the under 18 death toll on Saturday, January the 12th 2013. Unfortunately the true reflection of death caused by the virus is unknown as the Country does not carry out statistics that covers all age groups, not giving us an actual count on the total loss of life. Interestingly one would have thought that we would be intrigued how deadly a flu season can be in relation to human life, but alas not so. Interestingly it is evaluated in a different and more extensive way.

Analysis has a stark count on the validity of the virus, as it reviews and pins the value on economic sustainability through health care, absenteeism, insurance and its monetary cost implication. Feeling it yet? So essentially we don’t count human death as a strong enough facet to assess the impact of a disease on the human individual, but we do evaluate it on a proportional basis to economic loss and cost to the human economical evaluation process. Annually and potentially $177 billion and rising. A serious cost asserting that as a manufacturing assembly we are just not being efficient enough!
If nothing else such insight gathers more paper column, feeding for more interesting reading and financial insight. It seems far more important to evaluate human life not proportionately to the blinking out of soul filled stars but to the paper-weight of dead trees.

Finally for poignancy we should put a sign up “no haunting here allowed”, with a final sense of not being relative about our breathless brethren. Unfortunately the hierarchy we em-place, sees elitist humans attempt to become Gods only proving themselves godless.

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