Monday, 8 August 2011

MEDICAL DECLINE: Dementia - Alzheimers Disease

Psychological Insight

I have been amazed over the last number of weeks how I have discovered to a level of near insight, how many suffers of Dementia in that I mean Alzheimer's Disease, experience deep levels of an anxiety dominated by fears.
Fearfullness of fear itself I think, an extraordinary misplacement of paranoia that borders on levels of extreme distress and panic.  Panic attacks and anxiety attacks come immediately to mind.  Totally lost to reality.  These fears arrest the sufferer so that they can not experience anything else.  It dominates their mind, their most inner thoughts, strips bare their self-confidence, their manner and way of dealing with everyday life, basic tasks become forgotten, to be replaced by an anxiety of unknown proportions, that consumes them.
For they are consumed by their own fears and lose their souled being to this mania.

We need to urgently look at these conditions that are driving one of the fastest growing diseases in the world.......