Sunday, 16 October 2011

Defence; An automated response.

Soft peaked black fedora hat, leans in shadow, a P. that shades the I., 
sheep slaughtered meat, coming back to haunt you,
the peerage, the medal, the need for notoriety and consequential prosperity. 
In dim corner light, that investigative glint it peers through masks of lies
 ... standing for accountability, political responsibility,
standards to bear on sole and high, it’s just manoeuvrability 
the shades of truth aren’t always black or white!
The banks have got our Backs, Oops forgot
our backs are backing the Bankers.  Jeez! ...guys 
Who’s paying?  Or been paid to query – Is it not payback time?
Where’s the loyalty, the trust – for years its economical austerity.
Backhanders, back-benchers, back-ground growling dogs,
fat Cats smoking Havana cigars, another tinkle-clink of a champagne glass,
at least we are in profit with net yielding growth potential, 
are we not protecting our credentials?

Knights of a round or is it oval cabinet table?
As Camelot again is called upon ...rally and round up the hounds,
all in defence of a sly crafty Mister Fox, with Witty guru interventions for Porn Stars!