Saturday, 22 October 2011

Film Review Contagion

Contagion; where does one start?  Don't go would be one suggestion, because I wish that someone had given me that advice before I went.  Words like dull, boring, slow, been done before, just happened to have been done alot better, an awful lot better.  Certain books come to mind but that would be divergence.

Seriously guys you would think that with such an acting cast they would come up with something much better, as the approach of the film was so slow it just dragged you along and everything else that came with it.

The acting and the stars in it are carrying out their duty to a certain extent and you do get a sense of that, but the story and how it is told, ye need to start over and do it all again.  You may ask what is missing? Dramatic impact would be one, movement, emotional appeal, sensitivity and the whole tragedy behind the story line, I do emphasise the word tragedy as it is deeply missing especially when in trying to get that concept across to an audience.

The marketing people behind this film should be shot.  To establish a fictitious trailer goes beyond all. Selling something for what it is not, I would seriously considering suing.  Yes it is that bad especially when it is hyped to be something that it is not!  Deeply disappointing, and for £8, rip off!

3 out of 10 and they are lucky with that.